Build the Mosque, Burn the Quran

   Though most people are for one and against the other I do not feel that my view about allowing both is some Zen-like paradox. They are both within our constitutional rights. Also, both acts will reveal the true nature of Islam and shining God’s light on that  belief system is a good thing. 

     Sometimes, given the news of the past few days,  it feels like I’m living in an alternate universe–the universe of “World News.” The same universe where a redneck preacher with a congregation of 40 can determine the fate of civilizations with a gallon of gasoline and a few books. And when my true thoughts about the cancelled event in Gainesville are “burn baby burn” I think maybe I’ve finally gone over the edge. I hope that talk radio has not turned my brain into Swiss cheese. I really don’t listen to it that much. Pretty much everybody from Gen. Petraeus to the Pope and Hillary have expressed their alarm about the Quran burning. Perhaps they are reasonable and I am not. Somehow I doubt that this event would place our troops in any more danger than they already are, but I could be wrong about that. In my view they have guns and body armor and if they are not already being vigilant then they are very foolish. However, I do worry about indigenous missionaries and fair-skinned Western tourists being exposed to the childlike fury of insulted Muslims.

    As Christians we are called to love our brothers–and that includes Muslims. But I also think we are compelled to hate their religion and to do what we can to thwart it. However, by getting them to build the Ground Zero mosque elsewhere we will learn nothing about their true intent and in the eyes of the naive it will cause them to seem reasonable (which they aren’t). In the past few days I’ve read blogs and op-ed pieces by those saying they’re Christian  that say we should follow Jesus and love our enemies.  Even those writers clearly secular chide us for not behaving more Christian. Also, in Pastor Joel’s sermon yesterday he quoted Romans 12:21 about overcoming evil with good. I agree. However, I believe that that love is meant to be directed at individuals and not evil mass movements. We didn’t do such a good job of loving the Nazis into submission, and I believe that radical Islam is equally evil. My take on the current zeitgeist is that we are on a collision course with radical Islam. The radicals may only be 5 or 10% of all Muslims but they are truly the tail that wags the dog. I think the rest of Islam is quite puzzled on how to respond to the radical minority because their’s is a religion based on works and not centered on grace, love and forgiveness. Also, I don’t buy the imam who is the frontman for the Ground Zero mosque being a man of peace. His prior statements give away his real agenda and his comments yesterday contained a not so veiled threat–in effect, if we do not allow the mosque at Ground Zero it will lead to violence in the Muslim world.

    The absolute abomination that is their religion is revealed in their participation in human trafficing and their treatment of women. In Saudi Arabia women are basically livestock and the lack of civil rights of women in many Muslim countries should be the focus of the mainstream media and not the Rev. Jones in Gainsville. We don’t need to worry about them burning Bibles in Mecca as in Saudi Arabia it is a crime to even own a Bible. Islam is also characterized by its internal violence–Shia vs. Sunni. The acting out of their ideological conflicts has killed more Iraqis than our military. Christianity and Islam are both extremely evangelical, and because of that, coexistence is a fairy tale that only the deluded and the very secular liberals can believe. 

    The ultimate question for Christians is what would Jesus do, or what would He have us do  I have no idea–well, other than engage in considerable prayer to the Father. And I’m sure that is our best recourse as well. Still, I really don’t believe that we can love them into becoming peace-loving and open to the true God. Myself and most of my mature Christian friends keep being drawn to the Bible’s apocalyptic passages and the pervasive sense that we are living in the last days. I know, I know.  The church has a two millenia history of anticipating armageddon and the Lord’s return and so its probably foolish to hold ones breath.

     Just 10 verses from the end of Revelation it says “Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy contiue to be holy.”  I guess I’m a pessimist. I believe that time John writes about is the present. As I see it the conflagration will happen either sooner or later. However, the Quran burning was called off and echoing Chamberlain in 1938, Hilary can announce that we will have “peace in our time.”


About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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3 Responses to Build the Mosque, Burn the Quran

  1. Barbara DeVanna says:

    Your blog is now on my “favorites” and look forward to future cogitations.

    When all the uproar began about Islam, it infuriated me. Another part of my belief system usurped!!

    Now, I am looking forward to reading a book by someone who was on the talk show circuit about a muslim who arrived in Denver in the 80’s and was appalled by the decay in the American society he witnessed, hence, he began creating the “radical Islamists”.

    I have to say I am personally insulted by some of the actions of our people as I can well imagine he was and since we now know the female islamists are not given voice or even recognized as human beings in his part of the world. Have been around the track a time or two and shocked at little; however, in viewing the decadence of our “cultural society” (as perceived by me), I can imagine this man of Islam, this man of peace, was aghast at what he saw and was exposed to, given his lineage.

    I have to believe Islam is a peaceful religion, otherwise, I am terrified – but it concerns me that those peaceful Islamists of this religion do not speak out against the derision of the ground zero mosque and the extremist beliefs of their religion. That will all sort itself out but I WANT to hear the peaceful people of Islam decrying those who seek to disrupt OUR peace. What about our peace?

    I had an exchange student from Russia – Pavel Amelishko – one day I told him I recalled as a child playing a hide and seek game and we would scream “hide, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” – he said to me “yeah, we were pretty afraid of you guys too”.

    These “radical Islamists” seem to not fear anything and are looking forward to their 72 virgins awaiting them for every infidel they slay. Where is the peace? Where do the two cultures meet?

  2. I disagree with you that we should hate their religion and try to thwart it. I think we should find the common ground that we have with devout people of faith and start spreading peace from that place. Any action that is motivated by hate doesn’t seem like a very good place to start in building the Kingdom of God. In general the most extreme voices and acts of Christianity and Islam get the most attention, while the quiet, peaceful people follow God’s commands to live out their faith with humility.
    War is never a one way street and I believe what Jesus would do would always be the first one to reach out in love and reconciliation, not expect his enemy to.

  3. diospsytrek says:

    Heather, I wish I could be optimistic about love ushering in the kingdom of God. I’m afraid that before the kingdom comes there will be a time of war, cataclysms & terrible suffering. This is not just my opinion or a pessimistic assessment of world events, it is in scripture. I respect much of what pastor Joel preaches but when you ignore Revelation, the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24 & 25) and much of what the O. T. prophets have to say you’re only telling half of the story.

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