Redux: The Tipping Point

   A few weeks back I blogged about how I saw our nation going over the edge into a moral abyss, and how that descent was driven by the concerted engines of the media, the ACLU and the Supreme Court. I stated that in their self-righteous stance for free speech these forces were actually agents of societal chaos.  

     Now the Court is taking up the constitutionality of a 2005 California statute forbidding the sale of exceedingly violent video games to minors.  It is expected that they will overrule the California law. In April they over turned a law banning “crush videos.”  Crush videos show small animals being tortured and killed; for example, a small dog being stomped to death by women in high heels. It seems unbelievable but this sort of perversion is available for sale on the internet. This case was prompted by a man wanting to sell videos showing pit bulls tearing apart hogs. I mention crush videos in the chapter on the temptation of power in my book Jesus v. Satan: The Message of the Wilderness Temptations.

    This past week a new video game hit the market: “Call of Duty: Black Ops.”  This hyper violent game was much awaited. In the first day it sold over five million copies and earned $360-million for Activison Blizzard. I have young clients (age 8-12) who are not only allowed to play these graphically violent games but play them with their parents. One 12-year old client is hoping that “Call of Duty: Black Ops” will be his Christmas present. It’s the only thing he really wants and he will likely get it as he has all the other “Call of  Duty” games. I discourage these sorts of games but by the time the kids get to me the damage has already been done. Of course, the TV and video game industry self-righteously opine that it’s the parents duty to monitor what their kids watch. That argument is so disingenuous that it doesn’t even merit an answer. We really don’t know what will be the long term effects of this constant exposure to graphic violence. But I think it’s quite safe to say that it will be nothing positive or life-giving. Young minds are a bit like computers and there’s truth in the old “garbage in– garbage out” adage.

    And so the entropic winding down of morality and decorum  into the abyss will continue and none should be amazed when children bring guns to school and murder other children.  God help us. The Supreme Court wont.


About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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One Response to Redux: The Tipping Point

  1. Pamela Johnson says:

    There is an interesting publication on the internet called “The Red Symphony.” It details an interview performed by one of Stalin’s interrogators in the year 1938. The subject is a Christian Rakovsky, a Communist organizer believed by Stalin to be an enemy of the State.

    It reveals a rather diabolical plot of the attempt by Karl Marx and his cronies to undermine mankind for the benefit of “the elite.” Some of the statements given by Ravovsky are most chilling. He states that “Communism will triumph as the result of inborn idiocy of mankind. To be able to achieve the transformation of homo sapiens to homo stultun is to possess magical power capable of bringing man down to the first stage of the zoological ladder, i.e. to the level of an animal.” Karl Marx is described in an equally chilling way. Rakovsky states “We cannot prevent the inner explosion of laughter by which Marx had infected us; we see how he laughs into his beard at all humanity.”

    It is interesring that he states “Christianity is our only enemy, an obstacle that has not been removed during 20 years of Marxism.”

    Now we are in the year 2010. We no longer hear talk of “Communism.” But I submit we are still controlled by the same forces that were behing the evil Bolshevik Revolution. And yes, Christianity does get in the way of the so-called “elitists.” It sets up sensible guidelines for us to follow–that which is necessary for us to achieve stability and happiness in a crazy world. Christianity and its values are now under vicious attack. Do you think that the Supreme Court, the ACLU, and the American Defamation League have come to defend the rights of the depraved out of coincidence? No. The current moral depravity is being introduced by design.

    I am not going to name names of people or even demons currently involed in this current “movement.” I don’t really know them. But they clearly are the work of the darker forces. I can only hope that we have some dignity and do not allow ourselves to succumb to “inborn idiocy.” Surely we will not allow ourselves to be dragged down to the “lowest zoological ladder.” I hate to use the world “animals” here, because they, for the most part, treat their own kind in a loving way. We should take lessons from them.

    Will everybody please wake up? If we don’t care about ourselves, then let’s think of our children and grandchildren. Do we want to die, leaving them in a world of depravity? Christianity is our only hope. We need to embrace it and to cherish its values.

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