The Bible Police

    Every breath you take; every bond you break; every step you take; every move you make; they’ll be watchin’ you.  What about literal do you not understand? Can you say, “Orthodoxy?” Can you spell Pharisee?

    For the past year or two I’ve been paying more and more attention to internet blogs that one might term “theological.” There are some very bright, very knowledgeable folks out there policing Christianity. I gather that a lot of these folks have either gone to seminary–or wished they had. However, these self-annointed guardians of orthodoxy give me no comfort. For heavens sakes, I recently saw one that had Billy Graham on their watch list. Apparently Billy once said or wrote something that smacked of universalism. Several other writers who I’ve thought of as intellectual mentors were on their list as well. Give me a break. One would hope that these biblical thought police have done more for the Kingdom than just opine on doctrine. It’s immeasurably sad if their total focus and contribution is criticism. Their arrogance is simply stunning–arrogance to the nth degree.

    I attended R.C. Sproul’s church, St. Andrew’s Chapel,  for about two years. I would imagine that he would rank somewhere in the world’s top twenty theologians–and in the top five of Reformed or Calvinist theology. His preaching is expository. He preaches thru the Bible a few verses per week. I have heard him say on two occasions about particular passages of scripture, “I have no idea what that means.” He is a man of considerable ego and yet he is willing to admit when he’s stumped.  Another gifted preacher who I’ve listened to for many years, Dr. Joel Hunter, said on one occasion that its been estimated that everyone’s theology is about 20% wrong. I found that an interesting declaration but also one with the ring of truth. Dr Hunter was agreeing with some biblical scholar who had voiced that opinion.

    I think that the Bible police are insecure folks who have more than a tad of OCD and also have a need for absolute clarity and zero ambiguity tolerance. However, IMHOP some of the ambiguity in scripture is there to allow room for the Holy Spirit’s leading. In the parlance so common today, the Bible police are “anal” –and to the nth degree.  I feel sorry for them. The root of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is fear. I think the “good news” didn’t really register with these folks. They’re afraid they might have missed something in scripture and a wrathful God would condemn them to eternity in Hell.  But they apparently missed 1st John 4:18, the one that says perfect love casts out fear.


About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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