Going Forward. . .with more cliches and pet peeves

Or is it moving ahead, or moving forward? I keep hearing it and its slowly eroding away the veneer of my sanity. Anyway, it’s officially a cliche. I heard that hackneyed phrase again twice yesterday on the radio. I may have to stop listening to the radio. It’d been about a week since I’d last heard it, and so I thought maybe the media had moved forward and on to some new over-used pet word or phrase. But noooo. . .

I guess it’s been three or four months now that we’ve been “going forward” and it’s become endemic with politicians, news people, radio talking heads, etc.

Not certain what the last one was: Perhaps: “Unpack”. I got real sick of that one when I started to hear it every other week in sermons. As in, “We’ll unpack that scripture today.”

UPDATE ALERT (APRIL 2015): Amazing is the new Awesome ~ Oh, a couple months ago I began noticing that everything was “amazing”—as in “that was an amazing time of worship” or “what an amazing game” or “what an amazing God we have” etc ~ irritatingly, Christians seem more guilty of this cliche than most. It has replaced “awesome”—which badly needed to be replaced.

Well, I wear a hearing aid and a few years ago when awesome became the favorite mindless adjective of Christians I thought they were saying “Austin” and I thought that was pretty awesome—as in “Our God Is an Austin God, He reigns on heaven and earth.” etc. But now we have amazing. The only proper use of the word in in “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound” etc.

And speaking of cliches: “It is what it is.” The first time I recall hearing that was at a post-game press conference maybe 7 or 8 yrs ago. Doc Rivers was explaining why the Magic had played poorly and he said, “It is what it is.” And I thought that was brilliant. My addendum to that didn’t catch on: “It isn’t, what it isn’t.”

The first one that really caught my ear was way back in the late-70s and it was “interface.” The first time I heard that used on TV or in conversation I thought, “What in the hell is that?” I have a fairly good vocabulary but I was stumped. I later gathered that it came from those who knew about computers, and that it had been picked up by insecure folks who wanted to sound smart. Like me, eventually.

For a while it was “viable”—everything was viable for a while. I can only hope that going forward fades into the viable, interface dustbin of history.


(1) People who back into parking spaces. I’ve always been poorly coordinated and directionally challenged and bozos who insist on doing this trick, do it to demonstrate how much better they can drive than I. Hell yes, I take it personally. Last nite I arrived at church and in the row in which I normally park there were five SUVs in a row all backed into parking spots. I know these people want to beat the crowd to some all-you-can-eat buffet, and so they want a quick getaway. I almost swooned with disorientation and rage. If I’d have had my Luger with me I’d shot their precious SUVs all full of holes.

(2) Religious affectations: People who insist on calling Paul, Paul of Tarsus, or Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth—I suppose to distinguish him from HAYsus of East L.A.

(3) The NFL (and its rabid fans): I’ve come to loathe this roided up, overpaid spectacle of wife-beaters, drug users and other assorted miscreants. Every once in a while I listen to 3 or 4 min of sports talk and I’m always amazed at the mindless enthusiasm of the hosts when opining about this trade or so-and-so’s injured shoulder, etc—things which in the grand scheme of things mean zilch. I heard a couple weeks back that Micheal Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL, had been cut by the Rams. Oh, that’ll have the talking heads in sports and the “real” news world aflame for weeks.

(4) People who insist that all the worlds ills can be attributed to either global warming or too much gluten ~ all that and militant vegans too.

(5) folks who insist that being armed to the teeth makes us a safer society. We all know that guns don’t kill people. MORONS: its bullets that kill people. We need more guns but fewer bullets.

(6) People 45-ish who address me as “Well, young fellow. . .” Maybe they mean well, but I want to smack them with my cane. I hate to be patronized. Better they call me “old-timer.”

Okay, I feel better now, tho some of my friends will keep insisting I need Zoloft or Geodon.


About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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1 Response to Going Forward. . .with more cliches and pet peeves

  1. linda says:

    loved it! personally people who insist on backing in every where are just showoffs!!how about updating these new slang words and new spelling to the websters dictionary. we are getting old!

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