In normalizing our relations with Cuba, and doing away with the fruitless 50-year trade embargo, Obama has finally done something worthy of his Nobel Peace Prize. Mostly, our govenment’s official enmity toward Cuba created misery for the average Cuban and gave Fidel a rallying point for his people. It was great for his standing in the Third World and made us look like the petulant bullies that we often are.  And if the official U.S. policy toward Cuba was supposed to rid the world of Fidel Castro it was a crashing failure. Eleven Presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, have come and gone since 1960, and Fidel is still more or less in charge thru his brother Raul.

I visited Cuba in 2005, and wrote this piece: 

   The article also appears on my website  and is a chapter in my book Diospsytrek: But God had a Better Idea.

   Directives to the Depts of State and Commerce have been given to ease travel and trade restrictions. Hopefully, in the near future visitors will not have to go “Under the Radar” to visit this country only 90-miles from our shores. Negotiations were facilitated by Pope Francis and the government of Canada. As I noted in the article, a 1998 visit by Pope John Paul resulted in more religious freedom for the Cuban people.




About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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