In the End was Newspeak

and Newspeak was with us in the End

and Newspeak was the End

and nothing was said that was said that was not Newspeak

We were given the Word but we knew it not

So it came to pass that Big Brother gave us Newspeak

full of darkness and mendacity

to help us think better

in the End.

God help me. I can’t stand it any longer. The collateral damage is just too much. What was left of my brain’s assets have been completely wasted. The moron Bush’s “bad guys” have morphed into the O-man’ s “violent extremists”—who we all know will be rendered benign by better employment opportunities. Well, that and some Newspeak of their own. How about we call Jihad “an infidel conversion opportunity,” or we call decapitations “a cerebral removal moment.”

When I was a kid we played “Cowboys and Indians”—today, what do we have, Cowboys and Indigenous Peoples?  Thank God for the Washington Redskins; they refuse to cave.

In World War I we had “shell shock” and in WWII it became “combat fatigue” and today those descriptive conditions have morphed into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)—and PTSD has launched a cottage industry of etiologies. I’ve heard of folks claiming to suffer PTSD because their teacher yelled at them.

When I was a kid we were terrified of the F-word. Failing. Today we do not fail, but instead have sub-optimal performance. Not likely other kids will taunt you with a chant of: “Nana nana na nuh, you sub-optimized 4th grade!”

Orwell was right—perhaps just a bit off in some respects.  In 1984, Big Brother’s goal was that Newspeak would be the common language by 2050.  Newspeak was meant to simplify our language and condition the way we think. It was to make rebellion and free-thinking more difficult. I’d say we’re on our way.

In addition to the Pentagon dialect of nonsense referenced above—like calling slaughtered humans collateral damage—we have politically correct speech. I noticed a dozen years ago that there were no more retarded people. They are now intellectually challenged. I say call a moron, a moron. After all, Forrest Gump made being a moron kind of glamorous. I notice now that many retarded folks are called autistic. When I entered the field of mental health 40-yrs ago autistic meant something quite different. I guess being autistic and locked in your own little world is a lot more glam than just being profoundly dumb.

The apparent goal of politically correct speech is so no one’s feelings get hurt. But I think it also tends to twist reality a bit, and I worry about where the thought police can take us with all this—to Newspeak, perhaps?

But as for me, I’m kind of glad I’m not really going deaf, but rather becoming progressively hearing impaired. I don’t want someone calling me “deaf”—better they yell, “Hey, you old coot you’re becoming hearing impaired.”

And what about the Affordable Care Act—aka Obama-care. Affordable for some but for others, not so much.  I prefer the Obama-care moniker. But I’m sure throwing in the pleasant adjective “affordable” was in some small way the spoonful of sugar that helped the medicine go down—and helped pass this obamanation of a bill.

And now the FCC is going to vote on “Net Neutrality”—that sounds pretty innocuous, but what it means is more regulations to fix something which is not yet broken—and because it’s a gummint program I’m skeptical.

Pro Choice and Equal Opportunity are two other misleading terms. How could anyone be against “choice” or “opportunity” except complete miscreants. One of which is an official government program that initially was meant to right old wrongs but several decades later is just an impediment to equal opportunity. Sort of like LBJ’s War On Poverty.  I know he meant well, but five decades later we have more poverty than when he declared war on it.

Pro-choice sounds a lot nicer than what it is—pro-murder and pro-infanticide.

Well, church people have their own Newspeak euphemisms and neologisms—for instance, like calling heathens pre-Christians. Four years ago I did a blog titled “Holy Talk” that was about some of the unique speech of Believers.  I focused on the clichés too-full-of-the-faith Christians use habitually like “anointed” that make little sense to the greater world. Anyway, too many fallen church leaders have given being Christian a bad name and so I relabeled myself a Jesus-follower. It makes me want to “rebuke” all those “deceiving spirits.” It’s enough to make me want to go into my “prayer closet” and not come out.

“Passed-on” where is thy sting?


About diospsytrek

I am a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I am also the author of four books. The books have to do with coping with depression and other mood disorders, and the nexus of psychological problems and spiritual warfare.
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One Response to Newspeak

  1. Tim says:

    1984 was and is one of my favorite books. Because I think you’ll enjoy it, I’ll just leave this here for you 😉

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